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Life of a Freelancer: Hello old friends

Do you know the best thing about going freelance? Managing your own time. Do you know the worst thing about going freelance? Struggling to manage your own time. Do you know how Carrie Bradshaw managed to maintain the most fantastic social life, whilst occasionally writing a column that pays enough for a Manhattan brownstone apartment? I’m starting to feel that’s not actually an accurate depiction of the life of a freelancer. Or did they just do it differently in the 90s?

To quit or not to quit?

Why Being 30 in 2021 Changed My Life-Opinions-

Once I’d turned 28 I felt a cultural shift in people’s expectations of where my life should be. And I get it. When I was 21 I for sure thought I’d be married with kids and in a good job by 30! Then again when I was 21, 30 seemed old and lightyears away! Spoiler alert – time flies in your twenties. On the route to the big 30, and I told people I was single, no longer was being young and wild and free an acceptable life choice. Family and friends started to tilt their head and say ‘don’t worry he’

Do You Follow Your Head Or Your Heart?

When I was 12 or 13 I used to go for lunch at a local French cafe, which sadly is no longer there, with my family every so often. I remember one time, I saw a couple of women that were in their 20s having a glass of wine, laughing and having a great time. It was there, at that moment, that I decided I was done with childhood and I couldn’t wait to be an adult woman. A lady that lunches. I thought that being an adult meant being free, and whilst in many ways that’s true, the cog of work and life

Anxiety Vs. Sleep: 5 Tips To Break The Cycle

Today’s post is a guest post that is written by the lovely lifestyle blogger, Stacey. In this post, she gives you 5 amazing tips to help you fall asleep when your anxiety interrupts it.

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I have been a problem sleeper for as long as I can remember. Even as I child I would stay up far past my bedtime staring at the walls and going

30 Lessons for 30 Years

It’s 4th May which means two things: Number one, it’s my birthday (the big 30 has arrived!) and number two, it’s the one year anniversary of this Blog! Yes, we’ve reached a whole year and boy did it fly. As a matter of fact, the 30 years went pretty quickly too! Heres my 30 Lessons for 30 Years.

I can’t quite believe that it’s been a whole year since I started this blog and a whole year since I wrote about my plans for the last year of my 20’s. Oh, how naive early 2020 Stacey was! I may not hav

Guest Post- What Self Care Means To Me.

I’m going to start this post with a bit of an understatement: the last year has been a tough one. Next week will see us meet the one year mark of when our lives all changed dramatically, and what a year it has been. Despite many of us spending more time at home, very few of us have been prioritising taking care of ourselves despite this playing a huge role in our general wellbeing. With parents having to take on the new role of a full-time teacher, key workers under extreme pressure and people s